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With the completion of Miller Park’s construction, the District is charged with the oversight and monitoring of construction closeout, and the commissioning, operating and maintaining of Miller Park, including:

  • Monitoring, management and enforcement of leases, subleases and agreements
  • Monitoring and oversight of Miller Park’s routine maintenance and operations
  • Protection of the District’s investment in Miller Park
  • Management of Miller Park’s major capital repairs and improvements, necessary improvements and/or discretionary improvements
  • Oversight and management of Miller Park’s moveable roof maintenance and major capital repairs and/or improvements
  • Management of District’s General Fund, Segregated Reserve Fund, Asset-Liability Matching Fund and Stabilization Fund investments and earnings
  • Management of District’s administration, outside service providers and expenditures
  • Oversight and management of the District’s annual review and assessment of the projected “sunset date” for the five-county 0.1% sales tax
  • Management of the District’s Project Participation Program (Targeted Business Program) for Ongoing District Activities
  • Oversight and management of District’s real estate interests
  • Oversight and management of District’s environmental permits, commitments, and ongoing environmental responsibilities

The thirteen appointed Board members are strictly volunteers. Board members do not receive any compensation or meeting stipends. Furthermore, pursuant to the enabling legislation, it is unlawful for any Board member to accept discounted or free tickets to a Major League Baseball game. Board members are only eligible for reimbursement of incurred out-of-pocket expenses - for travel, etc.

Appointments by Governor

  • Governor appoints six (6) representatives to the Board of Directors
  • Governor's appointees subject to Senate confirmation
  • At least one of the persons appointed by the Governor must reside within each county in the District
  • Governor selects the Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Three appointees serve four (4) year terms
  • Three appointees serve two (2) year terms

Don Smiley

Board Chairman

Milwaukee County

Member since 02/2012

4-year term expires 7/1/2019

Thomas Schreibel

Waukesha County

Member since 05/2017

4-year term expires 7/1/2019

Jim Ott

Ozaukee County

Member since 07/2015

4-year term expires 7/1/2019

Kristine O'Meara

Washington County

Member since 12/2012

2-year term expires 7/1/2019


Racine County

2-year term expires 7/1/2019

John Wenum


Member since 01/2016

2-year term expires 7/1/2019

Appointments by Milwaukee County Executive

  • Milwaukee County Executive appoints two (2) representatives to the Board of Directors
  • County Executive's appointees subject to confirmation by the County Board
  • Two appointees serve indefinite terms - at the pleasure of the Milwaukee County Executive

Alec Fraser

Member since 09/2014


Jason Rae

Member since 01/2019



Appointments by Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Waukesha Counties County Executives / County Board Chairpersons

  • Each County leader appoints one (1) representative to the Board of Directors
  • Appointments by the County Executives in Racine and Waukesha Counties and by the Chairpersons of the County Boards of Supervisors in Ozaukee and Washington Counties
  • Appointments subject to confirmation by the County Boards
  • One appointment per County representative
  • Each appointee serves an indefinite term - at the pleasure of the County leaders

Appointed by Ozaukee County

Karen Makoutz

Board Treasurer

Member since 11/1995

Appointed by Washington County

Mark McCune

Board Vice Chairman

Member since 05/2008

Appointed by Racine County

Douglas Stansil

Member since 11/1995

Appointed by Waukesha County

Keith Swartz

Member since 11/2014

Appointment by City of Milwaukee Mayor

  • City of Milwaukee Mayor appoints one (1) representative to the Board of Directors
  • City of Milwaukee Mayor's appointee subject to confirmation by the City of Milwaukee Common Council
  • One appointee serves an indefinite term - at the pleasure of the City of Milwaukee Mayor

Mark Thomsen

Board Secretary

Member since 12/2004

Meeting Notices/Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Notices & Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Documents

Financial statements are presented for convenience and informational purposes only, and while efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of such information, they should not be relied on. A copy of the printed financial statements will be provided on request.